01 January 2012
Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoys a safe and prosperous 2012.

We are back from our year abroad, so it's time to get back to work. (If you are interested in seeing where we spent 2011, click here.


12 November 2010
We are on the move again. This time we are going away for a long time; heading to the UK at Christmas time, then spending some time travelling/working in Europe. We don't know when we will be home? If ever?


07 October 2008
I should have mentioned in yesterday's update; we are starting to make preparations for our annual adventure. This year we are going to Nepal for two months and back to India for another month. We leave at the end of November 2008 and will be home at the end of February 2009. Like always, we are NOT taking computers with us and will have limited contact. I will not be undertaking any new large projects between now and then; I will not be undertaking any new projects whilst we are away.

06 October 2008
For the last ten weeks I have been working "normal" hours, 50 hours per week! This contract was assisting to perform user and network migration for a large company in Perth. The major part of the contract has been completed, so I can get back to my "normal" day-job of coding, gardening and looking after the cats!

15 September 2008
Graduation Day! It's nice to have finally have received my degrees in my hands. I was a little disappointed at the Graduation Ceremony that they didn't announce all of my credentials, I wanted to hear the Dean say, "Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Statistics), Bachelor of Science (Computer Science & Cyber Forensics, Information Security and Management)." Maybe if I do Honours they will fully anounce them?

18 May 2008
Whew! This final semester at university has been busy, but it will be finished in mid-June. I will be looking to take on some more coding and training after that time. For those whom I have on the backburner, please get in contact with me again soon.

22 April 2008
I have changed the layout of the website a little to make it easier on the eye. No new functionality has been added, but I hope to have this rectified after finishing my study.


19 November 2007
Thankfully, this turbulent year of highs and lows is nearly at an end.
We are off again on our annual sojourn around the world, so I will NOT be taking on any new work until I return from holidays in mid-February 2008. I look forward to hearing from you then.

22 March 2007
I have done some updating of the website. Wander around and see what has changed!

19 February 2007
I am back from a wonderful time in India. Now it's time to get back into action.
Thank you for your patience.


01 December 2006
I am going on an overseas holiday from Monday 04 December 2006 until 15 February 2007. I hope you all have a safe holiday season and a Happy New Year. I may have the opportunity to read an email or two whilst on holiday, but I will not be doing any work.
I look forward to hearing from you in 2007.

10 November 2006
I will not be accepting any large programming projects until February 2007 and will be out of normal communications from December 2006 until February 2007 as I am going on a well-earned holiday.

If you have a small project that requires attention, please let me know. Any inconvenience is regretted. I look forward to doing business with you in 2007.

01 August 2006
This site has just been moved to my new web host, QiQ. Learn more about their fabulous service and cheap rates at or whichever is closer to you.