Learn to Use MetaStock

10 November 2006
It looks like time has got the better of me this year and I was unable to start this project. This could be a blessing disguise, as now we are afforded to the opportunity to start 2007 with the introductory presentation and continue the learning process all year, with minimal interruptions from Christmas, overseas holidays etc.

Keep a weather eye out for information as it comes to light...

03 August 2006
Shortly, I will be setting up for my first, "Learn MetaStock" presentation series.

The time and location of this event is yet to be decided, but I have the clear outcome of introducing new and experienced users of MetaStock to using the software more efficiently to achieve their aims.

Later, I will follow on from this Introduction presentation to developing a full trading system, learning to program using the MetaStock Formula Language. I envisage a number of stages for the different levels of programming knowledge; basic, intermediate and advanced.