You might have seen some of my posts in any of the major MetaStock forums. I now have my own site, helping users of MetaStock exploit the capabilities and limitations of this powerful investment and technical analysis tool.

This site is dedicated to progressing the use of the MetaStock investment software. You will find a number of useful tips that will get you using the product faster and more effectively.

I can show you how to take MetaStock to the extreme limits, and offer my services:


I have been trading FOREX for a while now using the MT4 platform. I have written a battery of my own indicators and (semi)automatic trading MT4 expert advisors (EA). I have assisted many traders establish their own trading systems on the platform. If you need some custom codes written or want to have a chat about the platform, then contact me.

Latest News

01 January 2012
Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoys a safe and prosperous 2012.

We are back from our year abroad, so it's time to get back to work. (If you are interested in seeing where we spent 2011, click here.

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