Heroes and Villains

There are many people who have influenced my MetaStock 'career'. Many have had a positive effect, some have had the opposite. I would like the opportunity to point out a few 'special mentions' in both categories...


Roy Larsen

Roy Larsen knows more about MetaStock than just about anybody else on the planet. Roy has a passion for MetaStock and an innate ability to think his way around problems or limitations of the software. He never accepts that "it can't be done," until he proves that it can't be done. There are many examples where Roy has solved the "unsolvable."

Roy now shares his immense knowledge with the world through his monthly newsletter, MetaStock Tips and Tools (or MSTT for short). The newsletter is designed to assist the beginner understand the capabilities and limitations of coding in the MetaStock Formula Language and assist the expert exploit it's weaknesses to improve their trading systems. Roy and his newsletter have helped me immensely, and I offer him my thanks.

You can subscribe to this invaluable MetaStock Tips and Tools (MSTT) magazine at his web site http://www.metastocktips.co.nz/

Jose Silva

Jose Silva is another living-tome of MetaStock knowledge. Jose can manipulate the MetaStock Formula Language to achieve amazing results and is one of the true masters of the product. Check out the fun section at Jose's web site to see how the MetaStock Formula Language can be manipulated to do more than you ever dreamed!

Jose has developed his own trading systems and displays the results each day on his MetaStockTools.com web site. There are many people who claim their systems work, but how many of these publicly display their results as proof?

Jose doesn't keep his knowledge to himself: He offers some of his indicators and tools for everyone to use. Some are free and can be downloaded from his web site, and some are commercial products. All are recommended.

Jose has helped me improve my MetaStock knowledge and he challenges me to find better ways to code and has my thanks.

Visit the MetaStockTools.com web site.

'StorkBite' and the Equis Forum Team

There are few genuinely good people on this Earth and George is one of them. He works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the Equis Forum is up and running 24 hours per day. He makes sure that the Forum members get the right answers to their posts and prevents bombardment from spammers and shysters.

The entire team at the Forum do so on a volunteer basis. No-one works full time for the Forum and yet questions and problems get answered so quickly and concisely. The Forum Team has developed a series of specialists; Patrick for his MSX skills, Henry and his encyclopaedic knowledge of PP+, Hayseed for his comical genius that keeps us all on our toes. These people started as "newbies" and are now experts in their fields. This only happens through dedication and persistence.

You can join the Forum and post any question or comments, problems or answers at http://forum.equis.com/

Update:George and Patrick have essentially moved on from the Equis Forum and are now firmly embedded in the Traders Consortium, "a place for active traders and investors to discuss trading strategies, financial news, and other topics of common interest."

Join the Traders Consortium at http://www.tradersconsortium.com/


There are all sorts of laws that prevent me from naming names here, so I will generally categorise the people who make life difficult...

I want everything for nothing!

These people include:


There are many examples where a well-meaning person has posted their MetaStock Formula Language code into the public domain, only to have it copied by some unscrupulous person and passed off as their own code. I have even seen examples where freely posted code has been copied, verbatim, and sold to an unsuspecting MetaStock user.

Many MetaStock coders do not mind if other people use their code (that's why they freely post it into the public domain) but they expect to be recognised as the originator by anyone else using code. No-one receives royalties, it's just common courtesy to properly recognise the legitimate authors of the code.

Liars and Cheats

Need I say more? There are some people that will take advantage of the new MetaStock user. These people will promise you riches beyond your wildest dreams and codes that work in every market, every day. Many of these shysters can barely code the simplest indicator, and yet, they promise to tell you how to code the "perfect system."

There are also some businesses that promise to teach you everything you need to know about MetaStock. Many of these people will just give you an edited version of the MetaStock Users Manual that comes shipped with each legitimate copy of the software and/or an edited version of the free Equis Formula Primer that can be downloaded from the Equis web site (see my links section). They will charge you hundreds of dollars for this privilege.

Before you pay for anything associated with investing in the stock markets and MetaStock, make sure of the product and it's source. This goes for MetaStock itself, data, add-ons or plug-ins, formulas and codes, education etc.