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SkyPE : SkyPE online status

If you want a more efficient means of communicating with me, then try SkyPE. Its a free Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) program that allows users to transfer files, send chat messages, make free computer-to-computer telephone calls and video conferencing. Its free to download and free to use (to make computer-to-computer calls. You can also make cheap computer-to-telephone and computer-to-mobile phone calls by purchasing SkyPE Credit).

If you just want to use the text messaging, you do not any more equipment than your computer and an internet connection. To use voice chat, all you need is a fast internet connection (better than 56Kbps or better, the faster the better the quality), a microphone (mine cost me $2) and your PC speakers. (Some people prefer to use a headset which costs just a little more). For video, of course you need a camera!

I recommend you try SkyPE. You can download it for free from

I do not work for SkyPE or get any royalties from them; I just LOVE their product and find it an invaluable tool for me to conduct my business and stay in touch with my friends all over the world, for free.