Bunson Consulting

Tracy and I have our own company, Bunson Consulting Pty. Ltd.

Although we have different specialisations, together we can solve just about any problem for individuals, and small to medium size businesses. Whether you need:

We can customise a solution for you.

Web Design

We designed this web page using minimal graphics and a flexible style sheet design so it loads FAST. There is no flashy animation, no bandwidth wasting superfluous graphics and no scripts. We can do the same for you, and more!


Scott spent some of his 18 years working in the Navy producing high quality training documentation and implementing sophisticated training systems. This work was acknowledged by the Australia Day Council which awarded an Australia Day Medallion in 2003 and he received other commendations for his quality work and attention to detail.

Tracy has spent nearly all her working life producing quality training documentation for many large companies all over the world. Her work is particularly focussed around Oracle Financials, but with the implementation of Oracle UPK, this can cover any product that integrates with Oracle financials. This provides a complete learning experience for the end users, from introduction to super user. In addition Tracy follows the AIM (or more recently OUM) methodologies to ensure that the client is left with a complete set of project documentation for Oracle Release 11 and Release 12 implementations, upgrades, re-implementations and additional requirements.

Combined, we can create user proven manuals for your software. We can produce the quality documentation you require.

See the company web site at http://www.bunsonconsulting.com.au