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Scott Bunny (aka "wabbit", aka "Bugs")

In 2006 I changed jobs; after nearly 18 years in the Royal Australian Navy (13 years as an Officer in Submarines) I became a full time university student! During my time in the Navy I had been studying part-time, but wanted to complete my studies as full-time student so I could concentrate on my programming and my business dreams. I am currently in the final year of a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science) degree.

Update:I have essentially finished my Mathematics Degree units and am continuing my Computer Science studies, but I have included a new study area, Cyber Forensics. I guess I will be studying for a little while longer yet?

For almost all my life I have been building computers and programming them but I never had any formal recognition of these skills, hence the University study. Whilst in the Navy I worked with a lot of high technology (and a lot of low-tech too! Sometimes the simple solution can be the best solution) and developed a keen eye for detail and problem solving. For a few years, I was passing on my knowledge to others as an instructor and learned how to teach complicated subjects (such as submarine warfare, oceanography, physics, trigonometry etc) in an un-complicated way. It is these skills that assist me to help the MetaStock users to achieve their aims.

Computer languages

Computer languages that I use:

Applications of these languages:


I have been a MetaStock user since 1998. I have progressed through the different versions over the years:

I have used the software to build my trading portfolio from a small pittance to a position where I could give up work, study full-time and now live comfortably with the help of my girlfriend, with few money worries.

Although I know it happens for a minority, I am not an overnight millionaire, I don't have a million dollars!. I believe that wealth is earned through dedication, patience, logic and common sense. I believe everyone has these qualities, therefore everyone should be able to create their own wealth if they do not get greedy or emotional.


If you are looking for a get-quick rich scheme or snake-oil, you will not find it here.

I will NOT code a system I do not believe in. Look at it this way: If I code a system for you and you go broke, you will not require my services any more and I lose my income stream. If I code you a system that does work, then you will come back for me to refine your system or build a better system, you might even recommend me to your friends.